Finding meals to cook under the FODMAP restriction phase is hard, especially when you’re starting out and it feels like the only things left to you are potatoes and peppers (and not even the green ones!).

My comrade has been on the restriction phase for about 3 years now, every time they tried to re-introduce something, it never went well. So, with this (entirely unwanted but unavoidable) experience, I’ve decided to make the most of it and share some of our meals with you.

I’ve never been much of one for cooking, and I live in Oxford so our kitchen is basically a shoe box with ideas above it’s station. Still, when you go on the FODMAP diet the first thing you learn is basically the entire ready meal section has some amount of onion and/or garlic in it!

So, armed with not much more than a chopping board, a few saucepans and a good knife, I want to show you that the FODMAP can still provide good, nutritious and tasty food.