Cookery has a whole bunch of different terms and meanings, doubly confusing because English language recipes are either American (cups) or UK (grams)

The Rocket Kitchen is a UK site so expect us to measure things in grams and millimetres and we use aubergine and courgette rather than eggplant and zucchini


Beaten: With eggs, break them into a container then stir vigorously with a fork. The yolks should break apart and the whole mixture will eventually look the same (no distinct yolk/egg white sections)

Sift/Sieved: Pour the ingredients through a sieve. A sieve is the one with very small holes, the larger one for draining pasta is a colander.

Cream: Essentially, mixing. Stir the items together (nearly always something + sugar) until it forms a soft mixture. The transformation is really quite something to see, and it usually smells amazing

Fold: a particular style of stirring, done slowly and by raising the mixture up slightly to ensure air is trapped inside

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